​​Beams of Light 


"There are only two mistakes one can make along the path to truth; one not going all the way and one not starting"


As you view the various levels, types and times  of yoga classes offered at Beams of Light we trust you will discover a perfect match to suit your current needs. We encourage you to take "baby steps" when you begin yoga. It is best if you start at your current level and progress accordingly. There is no need to rush - it is a lifetime journey.

Yoga is about opening yourself to greater self awareness. You do not require a  flexible body to begin a yoga practice. With this limiting belief one may never step onto a mat for fear of failure, being judged etc. Yet, these very obstacles become food for thought that helps the potential student to grow spiritually stronger by learning to  honor their limitations both on and off the mat.

Give yourself permission to explore yoga from a higher perspective. One that cultivates, invites and seeks to attain  wholeness by letting the old patterns of negativity, self-defeating behaviors, untamed emotions and the like, dance around the brilliance of your inner light transforming you into the person you are meant to be.

Come join us and share your Light.