​​Beams of Light 


Gentle Yoga Class: Tuesdays    9:00am -10:15am

                                        Saturdays    9:00am -10:15am

Our gentle yoga class is designed for those students who have completed the 12 week  beginner session either at Beams of Light Studio or have taken yoga elsewhere  and are familiar with the basic poses, and breathing techniques.

Gentle yoga is a way to come to your mat knowing you will fully benefit from a relaxing practice that keeps you in the present moment while stretching your body and calming your mind.

Our wish for you is that you awaken the vitality of your whole being with ease, while encouraging a deep opening to your physical body in a slow yet progressive style.  Yoga is after all an experience of unifying all aspects of the self. Should the body thru forceful effort attempt to progress, not only will one risk injury but the subtler aspects of mind and emotions may miss the opportunity for true lasting integration and change.