Beams of Light 

Sharon Kovacs Certified Yoga Instructor/Therapist - Sharon started on her spiritual journey over 30 years ago when she first was introduced to the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation. She feels this practice has been instrumental in helping her reconnect and stay connected to her true spiritual essence  while leading her towards a life of commitment and purpose. Her genuine concern for people's suffering ignites her desire to assist others along their spiritual path in order for them to discover the peace, joy, and potential that lives within them.

Sharon brings years of experience to her students as she has travelled roads that have lead her to both study and live at retreat centers and ashrams in Canada and the U.S.

She overcame her 8 year journey with cancer in the mid-nineties when she combined both complimentary and alternative approaches thru studying diet and nutrition notably the raw and vegan diet at that time. She continues to grow an indoor garden of nutritious sprouts, micro greens and  wheatgrass year round to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her  cancer journey  deepened her understanding of the healing process by recognizing how critical mental, emotional and spiritual wellness must  also equally be addressed  if true and lasting healing is to occur.

During her recuperation  while spending time a various ashrams, she studied the yogic lifestyle and spent contemplative time while practicing karma yoga - the yoga of selfless service in action. It is with this awareness she founded Beams of Light Studio in 2005.

Sharon has also received professional training from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health studying Stress Management, body movement, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Attunement, Conscious Eating and professional practice.She holds a second degree Reiki certificate, and has aquired a 300 hour yoga therapy  certification along with her previous yoga certificates in hatha and prenatal yoga. Her journey to India in 2009 further enriched and deepened her commitment to her meditation practice and the spiritual lifestyle.  She trained and taught the NIA technique for 7 years but most recently her love of dance and yoga had lead her to an intensive training in Yoga Nitrya with Amrita Choudry in Montreal Canada in August of  2015. She considers this part of her journey a preparation for her next life as a dancer. 

Sharon welcomes you to Beams of Light Studio where she warmly will support you in discovering a much deeper and richer connection to your divine self.

Adrian Firth - ​ A compassionate, patient,  and encouraging instructor, Adrian has been practicing and living yoga for the past 15 years. She is a dedicated yogini beginning each day with her daily sadana practice of meditation and spiritual readings along with her  fellow yogi husband Charlie.

​Adrian shares her love of yoga  every Monday evening at Beams of Light. Her dynamic energy, presence and sincere generosity to give back what she has learned over the years is reflected in her approach to teaching.  She  is a certified instructor trained in the Sivananda style of yoga but loves to play with various styles including vinyasa flows.

​Adrian has been a professional nurse for the past 24 years and currently works as a community care supervisor for CBI home health providing home care services in the Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Karen Widmer - Karen Widmer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music+Health Psychology, York University, and has an E.C.E Music + Movement Specialist diploma, Ryerson University. She began the practice of Yoga in 1977, and has been doing Sun Salutations ever since!  Studies in health and well being continued in Austin,Texas  where she became a Wellness Coach and a Nia Instructor.  Karen earned a Yoga Teacher certification in Toronto, as well as a Yoga for Children certification in Burlington.  She practices Tai Chi and Qigong, learned while taking her Yoga certification in an extra year long segment.
Karen knows the age old benefits of meditation to reconnect with our beautiful Earth.  She looks forward to meeting you at the studio to share new insights and research learned and experienced about osteoporosis and aging this year.   

Adrians photo to follow


Diana DiPaolo BsC. M.S.Ed

Registered Yoga Instructor, Doula, Personal Trainer

Diana is a spirited and passionate instructor who is currently teaching the prenatal classes at Beams of Light. Her educational background reflects her strong belief in living life fully with health and wellness as a priority. She  volunteered with the Niagara Region Public Health Department and School Boards for five years offering her services.

As a registered Yoga Instructor combined with her  Doula experience, Diana assists expecting mothers with their journey  through pregnancy, labour and delivery. One of her goals is to create the best possible birthing experience for mothers and their partners providing continuous support throughout the process.  Click for further information on our prenatal classes.

At Beams of Light we are well prepared to handle the many types of individuals who come thru our doors. Our main concern is that everyone is treated equally and with full respect to individual needs. We want our students to know that they are in safe hands with our experienced and  certified instructors who have the utmost compassion for them. Our goal is to lead you into a safe, relaxing and at times invigorating practice so that you will be transported into a world of peace and tranquility with no harm to the body. We don't just aim to stretch and strengthen your body, but to make sure you feel mentally lighter when you return to the outer world to face life's many challenges.