​​Beams of Light 


Surya Namaskar / Sun Salutations

Level One offers the student a chance to build confidence in their practice by utilizing the previous knowledge they have gathered from the beginners and gentle classes.

In our level one class you will feel the joy and familiarity of coming to your mat to immerse in your practice. Perhaps your life off the mat is beginning to reflect some of the changes you have noticed during your practice on the mat. The world begins to slow down and stress reduces. Old patterns that have not served your greater good are slowly easing their grip. Like all things we work at in life, our efforts begin to show when we focus our attention over extended periods of time. For yoga the journey is a lifetime of learning self-awareness and  improvement thru our consistent commitment in returning to the mat.

In Level 1 you will experience the same relaxing approach to the practice, perhaps noticing poses are becoming easier for you, and that you are more willing to accept your limitations. The Sun Salutations complete each Level 1 class and are followed by our usual savasana.  Modifications such as the use of a chair can assist those with physical limitations that might not permit them to do the  flow  otherwise.

Level 1 Yoga-   Saturdays 9:00am - 10:15am