​​Beams of Light 


You want to feel like this every moment of everyday. You become more conscious of how you respond to life' s ups and downs and if you are truly practicing yoga - you will forgive yourself more readily thereby learning to forgive others more readily as well. Love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance deepen and you feel ready to reach out.

You  recognize that we are here to support each other while living on this planet. You might begin to question "What am I here to do - what is my purpose, my calling" along with questions like "how can I contribute more, How can I leave this planet having contributed to something greater than my own personal happiness and desires? You want to be of service we  call this Karma Yoga - Selfless Service. There are countless ways so what should I do?  - At Beams of Light we offer you a chance to step on your mat and support worthy causes such as St. Joe's Mental Health Foundation as we feel everyone has the right to cultivate peace of mind in their life just as you have when you entered our doors. Click on our events to learn more how you can help.  

By now your life is missing something if you don't come to your yoga class - You might even be coming 2 or 3 times a week or at least feel drawn to. Life begins to get in the way of your yoga practice. You are beginning to see the light having burst thru the illusion of everyday desires. The ego is taking second place and is slowly surrendering to the inner joy and serenity of moving inwards and away from what use to seem so important.

Breath is more than just breathing - it is your lifeline to sanity. You are prepared to move more vigorously, syncing with the rhythm of your breath and the pulsing of your body as you flow towards the completion of your practice with the sun salutations all  while still honoring your body. The challenge is not to push beyond your physical limits but to nurture it with respect and love and recognize the miracle that it is. Your appreciation of what it can do for you fills you with gratitude. Your mind begins to expand on this realization as you awaken to all the miracles in your life - the synchronicities that show you that nothing is by chance and every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.