​​Beams of Light 


Pre-Natal Classes - 12 weeks sessions starting Mondays Sept. 11 2017 to Dec. 16th. 

5:45pm. - 7:00pm
$175.00 plus hst. 

You may join anytime during the session at a pro-rated fee.

Be sure to read the guidelines and indicate you have done so on the registration form.

Please print the registration form only and bring to your first class along with a cheque for the 12 weeks in the amount of $197.75 which includes the hst. If you require a shorter membership time due to your delivery date  please call to discuss.

You will also benefit from learning vocalizations, visualizations and affirmations in the classes.

Pre- Natal Yoga is a perfect opportunity to practice yoga. A time to simply slow down and reflect upon the miracle of life growing inside of you. Your feelings and thoughts will have a profound effect on you as well as your baby throughout your pregnancy. Simply learning to reduce worries and anxieties will assist you and your baby towards a calm and relaxing labor and birthing experience. This is a great time to learn loving compassion towards yourself and your new baby.


  • Breath awareness will allow you to feel relaxed and confident as you move towards labour.
  • Yoga will improve your circulation and balance
  • Improved sleep
  • increased strength, flexibility and endurance to muscles needed to assist labour
  • decreased lower back pain, nausea, carpel tunnel symptoms, shortness of breath, headaches
  • share a sense of community and support with other moms and moms-to-be