​​Beams of Light 


NEXT 12 WEEK RESTORATIVE SESSION Wednesday September 13th - December 13th 2017

7:15pm - 8:45pm $175 plus hst. $197.75

​Drop in Classes after Sept. 13th depending on availability $16

Please click on the link and follow the registration instructions as outlined in the beginner section.

What to expect in our restorative class...

At Beams of Light our first priority is to make sure you are safe and experiencing relief from pain and suffering. Not only does restorative yoga offer you this but it also soothes your mind and reconnects you to your inner sanctuary of peace.

We begin each practice with a gentle warm up, followed by a combination of poses which are held each for approximately between 5- 8 minutes depending on the pose. The use of props are to assist the student to make the pose work for their body and its limitations. The instructor is available to guide and support you into each pose, then steps back to give you the space to surrender into the pose to receive its full benefits. Unlike a typical yoga flow class, props are used more often to support the student allowing for the pose to be held longer with minimal effort offering deep openings to the body that may not have occurred without the required support. While the body is free from strain the mind becomes calmer and quieter.

With minimal dialogue in the class, the setting is conducive to reaching back to a place of calm and ease. Most classes  have quiet background music and low level lighting  to contribute to an overall  soothing and lasting experience.

Each practice is completed with a few minutes of pranayama (breathing exercises) and a final chant. We encourage you to leave in silence and to maintain it for the rest of your evening as much as possible to reap the benefits of a restful and peaceful sleep.

Legs-up- the-Wall or Viparita Karani a classical yoga restorative pose that gently stretches the backs of the legs, neck and low back. So wonderfully rejuvenating when practiced during the long winter months to help combat mild depression if practiced daily for 15 or 20 minutes.

This pose helps to balance the nervous system while stimulating the relaxation response.

This pose also benefits tired feet and legs, those experiencing arthritis, menopause symptoms, high  or low blood pressure as well as improving respiratory conditions.

Restorative Yoga Class