Yoga for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia - 4 week session Mondays  - PLEASE INQUIRE FOR OUR NEXT START DATE:  10am - 11:15am $60 plus hst Total: $67.80 Payment methods: cash, cheques payable to Beams of Light or e-transfer to

Join Karen Widmer  for  ways to strengthen bones and muscles for a healthy spine and body as we age, using age old wisdom of yoga sequences and new research to assist us. Try some new snacks each week for healthy bones too. There will be opportunity to discuss your personal needs and practice leaving you confident in continuing your yoga journey safely while honoring your body’s limitations..

Oct 17th Class Focus: Balance

Chair or Seated Meditation

Movement segment: Yoga poses and Tai Chi helpful warmups. Practical ways to strengthen bones. Relaxation/Savasana

Nutrition: Acid/Alkaline balance in the body. What we eat can build us up or break us done. Enjoy some healthy snacks.

Oct. 24th  Class Focus: Nourishing the body and bones thru rest and sleep

Chair or Seated meditation

Movement Segment: Using bolsters and props to assist body into and while holding poses. Relaxation/Savasana

Nutrition: Benefits of caffeine free drinks and foods

Oct. 31st  Class Focus: Have fun! Know how to play with an attitude of gratitude

Chair or seated meditation

Movement Session: Simple yoga poses and Qigong movements to practice daily

Nutrition: Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 7th  Class Focus: Keep in touch with self and others.

Building confidence in your gentle yoga practice.

Awake to new ways of being. What to take away for the rest of your life

Nutrition: Surprise!


Tuesdays 7pm - 8:30pm   Payment methods: Cash, cheques payable to Beams of Light, or e-transfer to 

Next Session: Summer Session July 18th - Aug. 22nd

​Early registration deadline before Saturday July 15th 2017

​Drop in fee after July 18th dependant on space availability $16 plus hst.

Learn how yoga in its fullness can bring greater peace of mind and well being

This gentle class is suitable for all levels that incorporates: passive restful supine and/or seated poses, relaxation techniques, and deep breathing practices. There are no standing poses or balance postures included in the class which makes it suitable for those with physical limitations. The class is designed to calm the nervous system, settle the mind and induce states of deep relaxation. Participants may leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

For those needing clarity between Mindfulness Meditation and   Yoga for Deep Relaxation the later actively creates states of relaxation through movement, breath, autosuggestion and present-moment awareness. Some basic mindfulness practice will be incorporated into the session. The Mindfulness course instead encourages participants to simply witness their internal experience seated meditations, body scans and lesser emphasise on hatha yoga and their poses.

If you have not registered with us for other previous courses please fill out the form from the beginners section by clicking the registration button to your left and cursuring down to the registration form at the buttom of the page. If you have registered previously you do not need to fill out the form but can follow the remaining directions.

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