​​Beams of Light 


In this 6 week session, instructor Joanne Charbonneau will guide you through the essential aspects of her yoga practice that has supported and nourished her through all the changes experienced during before, during and after menopause. 

       Some of the themes to be explored include:

  • Maintaining your inner and outer strength
  • Finding hormonal balance
  • Living mindfully
  • Improving digestion
  • More energy vs. less stress
  • Maintaining strength and flexibility

Sample classes include 

Exploring the breath - A powerful transformative tool, the breath can be used to calm an overstressed nervous system, improve an sub-par immune system and maxed out adrenals, combined with low oxygen levels and increased toxins, the improper use of the lungs can place havoc on the aging body. A slow and gentle vinyasa flow will bring you back to yourself while improving all of your vital systems and help slow down the aging process while bring restoratative benefits as well to mind, body and emotions. 

Balancing Hormones - In menopause the body roars and there is nothing so primal and immeditate as the body's hormonal call to action. True experience: Joanne experimented to see if she could conquer her hot flashes and the results were amazing as she now considers inversions the miracle cure to these overwhelming, often embarrassing personal power surges or more humorously referred to  as personal summer vacations. 

Yoga for Graceful Aging